Fundraiser for Refugees in India

Forced migration is a global phenomenon and is on the increase due to conflicts, minority persecution and wars. People who are under such crisis situations may be forced to relocate within the borders of the countries they live in or they may cross the international borders.

Clean Mind Programme

The truth is, our world is swimming in toxic substances: recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, pollutants, household chemicals, food preservatives and on and on. These substances can lodge in your body for years, dull your senses, reduce your ability to think clearly and worse, prevent any advancement in mental and spiritual well-being.

Sponsor a child's education

Aurobindo Ashram- Delhi Branch currently sponsors almost 250 children being educated in various schools all over the country. The sponsored children are taken specifically from low income groups. Approximately Rs. 33,000/- (USD 500) a year is required to cover all expenses of one child, which may be shared by more than one Sponsor.

Auro Community Garden

The Auro Community Garden is six acres of Certified Naturally Grown treasures located in Brooksville, Florida. The garden has been cultivating nutrient rich soil for over a decade to bring the nutritious, high quality, naturally grown food to our community. The Garden maintains its mission of complete sharing with all those who seek truly healthful food with full sustainability

Fundraiser for Marine Corps League

Marine Corps League # 708, a non-profit organization, established by Congress in January 1990, is working for the betterment of US Marine veterans. The vision is to provide US Marine veterans and other US veterans with comfort, support, aid and dignity of life. They fought for the nation and have come home to continue their battles.

Auroveda Healing center

Auroveda aspires to open 100, 000 centers that focus on healing, learning, and nourishing the mind, the body and the spirit. These kendras will act as community centers, supported and built locally as centers of excellence in health care, education, organic farming, vocational training, upskilling, handicrafts and handiwork, and advanced innovation.

Satyameva Integral Community Development

Satyameva is a collaborative effort of the Auromir and the Auroveda Foundations in integrated community development for underprivileged women and children in India.


DharmAnsh will work to provide equal rights to Hindus in matters of faith and religion as well as enact Freedom of Religion Act to prevent interference in practice and propagation of native Hindu and Indic Traditions, Customs and Rituals. It will also establish a seed fund for restoration of dilapidated temples and propagation of Hindu (native Indian) literature, arts, dance forms, culture and traditions.