Our Mission

Auroveda is a start-up looking to reinvest in nation-building where no child goes hungry, untreated or unloved. Where women are empowered and become the centers of family and community. Where society is re-engineered to tap the highest potential of each individual
Auroveda aspires to open 100, 000 centers of healing, learning, nutrition of mind, body and spirit and an integral development of each individual. These kendras shall be community centers, supported and built locally as centers of excellence in health care, education, organic farming, vocational training, upskilling, handicrafts and handiwork and advanced innovation centers.
The healing centers will deploy indigenous modes of healing, such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, yoga and Unani. But it will also work closely with the best of Western Medicine and its practitioners to create a more wholistic approach to health in the Indian setting. Mental health is another acute need in India and the world especially among the youth and Auroveda aims to alleviate the social, economic, cultural and psychologic malfunctions that have crept in our societies over time.
The education centers will focus on the integral development of each child, including development of his or her body, mind, emotional and vital being and a spirituality that does not shun life but accepts it as its field of growth and endeavor. Vocational training and promotion of artisans and local arts and crafts will help create employment and strengthen each community with its own unique personality.
Agriculture and farming, using renewable sources and water management, will ensure nutrition and supply of resources for each community and its members. Participants will be encouraged to work and contribute towards these centers via shrama dana and physical labor at the least to foster a sense of togetherness and team building.
Advanced innovation centers in information technology, health care or any other specialty chosen as per business demands, needs or individual abilities would help in building a culture of creativity and experimentation among children and the youth. Leadership training, mentoring, acceleration, aggregation and integration of start-ups may be taken as needed.
We will work with other like-spirited or like-souled foundations, philanthropic institutions and charities in a transparent manner, encourage them, aggregate with them to accomplish our common purposes and aims.
Auroveda aspires to re-build the nation from its grassroots realizing that it is the people who have to awaken and the Shakti has to arise in each individual. Without such a movement, India will always be vulnerable to division, poverty, oppression and strife. Bringing unity in our efforts, in word, action, thought and spirit, serving the Motherland that has given us so much, is our dharma and the need of the hour.
Dr. Pariksith Singh
CEO, Auroveda Foundation