It's your chance to lead the change

100% of your money goes towards nation-building where no child goes hungry, untreated or unloved, women are empowered and society is re-engineered to tap the highest potential of each individual.


Re-building the nation from its grassroots

Why should you care?

Our country is vulnerable to division, poverty, oppression and strife. And it will take more than a thought to bring significant change.
Bringing unity in our efforts, in word, action, thought and spirit, serving the Motherland that has given us so much, is our dharma and the need of the hour.
Learn how Auroveda is making a difference.

Healthcare for All

Alleviating the social, economic, cultural and psychologic malfunctions that have crept in our societies over time

Integral Education

Developing body, mind, emotional and vital being and a spirituality that does not shun life but accepts it

Fostering Innovation

Building a culture of creativity and experimentation among children and the youth.

Sustainable Agriculture

Ensuring nutrition and supply of resources for each community and its members


Take the lead. Create your own fundraising campaign.
Share your campaign with friends and family. Educate them on the need of their contribution.
Keep a track of the development that you help facilitate.

Recent contribution for the Refugees in India

$ 10000
Dr. Pariksith Singh, MD
$ 10000
Dr. Manjusri Vennamaneni
$ 10000
Dr. Vinod Raxwal, MD